VOLUNTEERING TO USHER - To Volunteer as an Usher for the Kelsey Theatre please follow this link to the show sign up page - - CLICK HERE TO PICK YOUR USHER SLOT

Note: you do NOT have to create an account to sign up to usher.

Just scroll down the list to the date you want, if it is available click the sign up button, type in your name and email and if there is more than one of you write the other peoples names in the notes.

If you would like to receive audition notifications or usher information via email please fill out the blue form.

NOTE: sometimes your email host dings us as spam so you should periodically check your spam folder for emails from the Kelsey Theatre.


VOLUNTEERING FOR SHOW CREW - The Kelsey Theatre has 10 different Theatre Companies that use our stage and their needs vary. If you want to volunteer to work on a production please email Amy Bessellieu bessella@mccc.edu the following information and she will forward it to the

production companies:







I am interested in volunteering in the following area(s):



___Stage Management







___Other ___________________


Do you have experience in any of these areas? If yes, please explain briefly.