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Our exciting family-friendly productions help you incorporate the performing arts into your curriculum and build on your educational programs in a dynamic and engaging way.

 To better prepare for a group visit to Kelsey Theatre, please review our policies and procedures.

** PLEASE NOTE - THE JUNGLE BOOK 9:45 AM PERFORMANCE IS SOLD OUT *** Call the Box Office for information regarding the 11:15 am performance.

Field Trip Policies & Procedures

To help ensure your class has an enjoyable visit to Kelsey Theatre, please review the following policies and procedures.


Note: Kelsey Theatre will make every effort to accommodate last minute guests. However, if you are not part of your group’s original reservation, we cannot guarantee a seat with your group.


Upgrade Your Group’s Theater Experience Today!

Many of our productions are ideal for scouting troops, religious youth groups, and other social organizations. If your group wants to give its members, young or old, an entertaining experience and a new perspective on theater, we have just the ticket.


Your organization’s members will receive a 15% discount off the regular ticket price when you bring a group of fifteen (15) or more to a show.


To help make your outing special, ask Kelsey Theatre’s staff about arranging a post-show artist talkback. Arrangements can be made to invite cast, designers and directors of the show back out on stage for an informal discussion with your group and other members of the audience.

This is your chance to ask questions about the production and offer your feedback. Ask an actor about the challenges of their role. Ask a director about her vision for the show and what inspired it. Ask whatever you like. This is a great chance to meet members of the cast and crew and get a peek behind the scenes.


Speaking of a peek behind the scenes, Kelsey Theatre offers brief (10-15 minute) tours of the theatre for youth groups. Kids can walk on stage, visit the dressing rooms and workshop, climb through the catwalks high above the theater, and visit the lighting booth. Along the way, a member of Kelsey Theatre’s staff can provide background about the facility and the show your group just watched.

To plan an outing for your group, please contact Kelsey Theatre (609-570-3333) for arrangements.

Requests for talkbacks and tours must be made at least two weeks prior to the show.


Buy More, Save More

When it comes to your wallet, Kelsey Theatre has many ways to help you win. In addition to our every-day low prices, we offer discounted prices for seniors, students and children. But if that’s not enough, here are a few more ways you can sweeten the deal.

SAVE 15%

when you purchase fifteen (15) or more tickets four your group to the same performance of a show. So, hurry now and gather your friends to plan a night out at the theater.


SAVE 20%

when you purchase any number of tickets to six (6) different shows at one time. Cast your eyes over our current brochure and make your plans in advance.


SAVE 15%

when you purchase any number of tickets to five (5) different shows at one time. You know, just in case you have a problem with long term commitments. 😉


SAVE 10%

When you purchase any number of tickets to four (4) different shows at one time. Because we know that some people need to take us for a spin before signing up for more. 😊


Learn how our series subscriptions can help you save even more.