Kelsey Theatre Staff

M. Kitty Getlik

Artistic Director and Manager of Kelsey Theatre

It's my job to put together an exciting season each year for Kelsey, seek out good companies and individuals to bring it to life, market it, coordinate it, and greet the folks when they come to see it. Of course there's a lot more to it and I couldn't do it without a lot of help from my friends - my assistant Amy Bessellieu, my coworkers and volunteers. I get a thrill out of live theatre and want to share that thrill with everyone. That is why I strive to produce good shows at a reasonable price here at Kelsey. In my spare time - I teach Introduction to Theater (TA 101) and do theatre. I have also been a director, actress, lighting designer, and the general manager of The Open Air Theatre at Washington Crossing State Park.. In most circles, nowadays though, I am known as "Jessica's mom" - which is as it should be!, phone extension: 3580,
office location: Kelsey Theatre Lobby
office hours: 9:00am-5:00pm, M-F

M. Kitty Peace Getlik

Amy Bessellieu

Administrative Specialist II

Presently I work full-time as part of the Kelsey Theatre Staff, however many of you have seen me before. A Tomato Patch and MCCC Alumni, I have been working part-time and volunteering here for over 20 years. When I am not handling the numerous phone calls and paperwork you can find me backstage (creating scenic art, stage managing, making properties and even acting). Recently I just earned my Bachelor Degree in Art through Thomas Edison State College. I also enjoy bowling, bingo, watercolor painting and collecting mouse figurines. Please contact me if you would like to get involved as a volunteer!

My email address, phone extension: 3581
Office location: Kelsey Theatre Lobby
Office hours: 9:30am-4:30pm, M-F (other hours upon demand)

Amy Foris

Kate Pinner

Technical Theatre Coordinator

Hello, Kate Pinner here...
. I design sets and costumes at the Kelsey Theatre and I teach Stagecraft, Scenic Art and Play Production - I am chief cook & bottle washer, jack of all trades (except writing or singing - I don't sing!). I do, however, have a husband who writes and a gorgeous daughter who does both! In what little spare time I have - I enjoy visits to art museums, discovering out of the way places, cooking, gardening, researching period clothing and math & logic puzzles., phone extension: 3584
office location: Kelsey Theatre Annex
office hours: By appointment

Kate Pinner

Diana Maurer

Box Office Specialist, phone extension 3586

Martha DiBartolo

Box Office Specialist, phone extension 3586

Lyndsey Goehrig

Educational Projects Specialist, phone extension 3566

Dan Spalluto

House Manager, phone extension 3583

Mike Almstedt

On-Call Production Assistant

Jane Coult

Front of House Swing

Sean McGrath

Tomato Patch Director